Friday, July 12, 2013

This session has exceeded the amount of allowable resources - infopath form error

In this post we will discuss how to solve an infopath 2010 error "this session has exceeded the amount of allowable resources".

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The error usually comes if the thresholds set for Number of actions per postback increases.

Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. Go to General Application Setting and then click on Configure InfoPath Forms Services from InfoPath forms Services section as shown in the figure below:

Here we need to change 2 things.

1- From the Configure InfoPath Forms Services page go to Thresholds section and Change the value set for Number of actions per postback: to max of 250 or 300 as per your requirement. By default it was set to 200.

2- Then go to User Sessions and Change value set for Maximum size of user session data: to a maximum value according to your requirement. The default value set was to 4096 kilobytes.

Check out the figure below: