Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Limitations of workflow in SharePoint 2010

Here we will discuss some of the limitations of SharePoint 2010 workflow. You can read previous posts on:

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1- SharePoint 2010 can have only one workflow execution host per SharePoint 2010 farm, shared between all web applications. Because workflow is not a service in SharePoint 2010.
2- Sometimes sharepoint 2010 workflow in fact performance because they are frequently hydrated and dehydrated between different tiers of the farm.

3- Workflows execute under the security context of the site's application pool as a super user which is not preferable always.

4- Since workflows run as a super user in SharePoint 2010, sandboxed solutions cannot be used to host a programmatic workflow. But you can create a workflow action in sandboxed solution and use that in SharePoint 2010 designer workflow.

5- SharePoint 2010 is tightly coupled with a specific version of .NET Framework and Windows Workflow Foundation, so very difficult to accept latest workflow technologies from Microsoft.

Hope we will see some very good changes in workflow area in SharePoint 2013.